Naväge SaltPod capsules contain two ingredients: salt and water. The sea salt is a super-purified pharmaceutical grade that contains over 99.99% sodium chloride. With zero additives and fillers, this is the purest salt available. Our water goes through a sophisticated purification process that consists of carbon filtration, double deionization, UV sterilization, and a sub-micron finishing filter. The result is seriously clean water. 

The Naväge Nose Cleaner and Naväge SaltPods work together to form a complete nasal hygiene system, and a new, unused SaltPod is needed for each irrigation cycle. The system is designed for safety, effectiveness, purity, convenience, and affordability.

In the near future we will be introducing a line of SaltPod® Aromatics.  The first offering will be Eucalyptus, followed by Lavender, then Citrus.  Our goal is to further enhance our customers’ Naväge experience with exhilarating natural fragrances.

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